Saturday, November 14, 2009



Diameter : 2cm
Package: 1 lens
Easy to Install. Stick and shoot ...
*Min. order 2 pieces

Wide Angle / Fish Eye: Creates a wide angle panoramic shot or fisheye effect photo easily

Stretch: Turn the lens to stretch your photo horizontally or vertically

Hexa-image Mirage: Produces beautiful kaleidoscope effect with 6 duplicated images

Tri-image Mirage: Produces beautiful kaleidoscope effect with 3 duplicated images

Heart Frame / Blue Filter: includes 2 lens. Pink heart gives a pink hue and has a heart shape gap in the middle, Green filter makes the whole pix greenish.

Star/ Antique Filter: includes 2 lens. Blue star gives a blue hue with a star effect on the center (like the pink heart), The orange filter give an overall orange tint (like antique pix)

Polarized/ Vivid: Reduces light reflections and turns the sky more blue

Macro Close Up: Enables your cameras to take close up photos and focuses on tiny details

Soft Lens: Provides a romantic border to portraits

Starburst: Add a psychedelic swirl to your photos. The center of your image will stay focused while the edges and blurred outward.

Shaking Vignette: Blurs the surrounding like shaking while the middle remains clear

Sparkle: Add twinkly stars to your photos. This lens makes lights and reflections appear as twinkly starbursts.

Rp. 45.000,- nett
Rp.40.000,- nett (> 6 pieces)

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fish Aqua Camera (SOLD OUT)

Thumb-wheel film advance system
Eye level finder
Lens: Optical lens F/9 28mm
Leaf shutter: 1/100 sec35mm
Film: color / black& white / slide
Dimensions: 119 x 50 x 84 mm
Product comes with: Mini Underwater 135mm, Manual Camera, Detachable Underwater casing, Rubber wrist wrap
Color: Blue - Yellow
Price: Rp. 350.000,-



Square and rectangular half-frame formats at the flick of a switch
Takes all types of 35mm film
Shoots up to 72 shots per film on half-frame mode
Shoots up to 36 shots per film on square mode
Requires standard 35mm film development
Ultra-compact and pocket-sized
Multiple exposure functionality
‘B’ mode for long exposures
Cable release attachment – a Diana first!
Sunny and cloudy exposure settings
Tripod mount
Diana Flash Plug (Diana Flash available separately)
Overlap frames across photos for endless abstract panoramas
Compatible with the stunning Diana Flash


Wednesday, November 4, 2009


DISDERI 3 Lens Toy Camera
Superheadz Demekin 110 - Mini Fish Eye Camera
Aquapix Underwater Camera (tanpa flash)
Jelly Lens